Palé Hall

Palé Estate, LL23 7PS

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Rooted in the fine local produce of the region, using the finest locally sourced, humanely and where possible, organically produced ingredients, the fine dining offering here at Palé Hall is seasonal and fresh, sharing influences from across the globe but based upon the great culinary traditions of Britain and Continental Europe.

We are honoured to have the renowned Michael Caines as our culinary mentor and adviser. He believes that great chefs must be able to transform what is plentiful and in season into something creative, imaginative, beautiful and above all delicious. Such foods, naturally, taste of the land from which they are born. He expects all his chefs to create local and meaningful relationships with farmers, growers, fishermen, food producers and suppliers. We are blessed with some of the best in Britain right on our doorstep.

Working together, Michael and our Head Chef have developed a fine dining menu to tantalize. With Michael’s own dishes forming its foundation each element is a feast for the senses.


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