Spellbound Herbals

Unit 12, Corris Craft Centre, Corris, Gwynedd, SY20 9RF

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Spellbound Herbals have created a range of fantastic herbal products that encourage healing and balance within the body and mind. These products use the power extracted from the plants and oils to make a whole range of natural and holistic remedies. Spellbound Herbals provides to its customers, hand produced herbal lotions, soaps, potions and mixed herbs. These are made up on our premises using herbs, plant oils, bees wax and gentle base creams. Spellbound Herbals make their herbal products as naturally as possible. Traditional herbal ingredients; that ancient and modern Herbalists from all around the globe have used safely throughout the ages, are an integral part of each product. Every Spellbound Herbals potion has a number of specific herbal ingredients and each is meant to target a personal requirement to enhance your health and well being.