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Llafn y Cewri

Llafn y Cewri - Llanberis' Sword

What better way to celebrate Visit Wales’ Year of Legends than to place a 6-meter high sword on the shores of Padarn Lake, Llanberis? A village which has strong links with the Princes of Gwynedd and therefore an ideal location for the sculpture. In the distance, you’ll notice Dolbadarn Castle, standing alone overlooking the iconic sculpture.

The aim of the sword is to raise awareness of Gwynedd’s rich heritage and history and its contribution to the area’s Welsh heritage. The simplistic design of the sword is based on the Princess of Gwynedd’s sword dating between the thirteenth and the fourteenth century and brought to life by local blacksmith, Gerallt Evans of Tan Lan Metalwork’s, Pandy Tudur. It is made from weathered iron to achieve an old, rustic look.

Year 6 pupils of Ysgol Dolbadarn, Llanberis had the honour of deciding the name of the sword after having received many suggestions from the members of the public who were keen to get involved in the project. After much deliberation the year 6 pupils of Dolbadarn School agreed that ‘Llafn y Cewri’ was the triumphant name for the sword. ‘Llafn y Cewri’ roughly translates to ‘Blade of the Giants’.

Head over to Llanberis to see the sculpture for yourself. Take your camera too - We’d love to see your pictures of ‘Llafn y Cewri’!

Llafn y Cewri


Follow the journey from the planning process to the launch here:

January 2017 - Discuss ideas
January 2017 - Agree on installation – sword
May 2017 - Research into local crafts people 
May 2017 - Decide that Llanberis was the best location for the sword
June 2017 - Ask the Wales Museum for images of Prince's of Gwynedd sword designs
June 2017 - Receive an image of a sword from the Museum of Wales 
August 2017 - Planning Application presented
October 2017 - Planning application approved
October 2017 - Gerallt Evans begins working on the sword 
October 2017 - Ask for possible names for the sword from the public through Aled Hughes' radio show, BBC Radio Cymru and through Gwynedd Council social media channels.
October 2017 - Pupils of Ysgol Dolbadarn, Llanberis decide on the name ‘Llafn y Cewri’
October 2017 - Groundworks begin in Llanberis
November 2017 - Gerallt Evans finishing the sword
November 2017 - ‘Llafn y Cewri’ placed in Llanberis
November 2017 - Launch ‘Llafn y Cewri’
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