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610 233 Labyrinth y Brenin Arthur / King Arthur's Labyrinth

King Arthur's Labyrinth, Corris

Corris Craft Centre, Corris, Machynlleth, Powys
SY20 9RF
01654 761584
King Arthur's Labyrinth
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700 x 536 Labyrinth y Brenin Arthur / Kind Arthur's Labyrinth

This underground adventure takes you on a journey back in time which starts as you board an underground boat with a mysterious hooded boatman at the helm.  As you set sail the story begins, as you glider closer (and closer) to a cascading waterfall…

Your boat passes through this magical waterfall, which sweeps you back through time and into the Dark Ages, a distant and mythical time fuelled with magic and the foretold arrival of King Arthur.  

Leaving the boat you’re guided along the winding tunnels and immense caverns of the Labyrinth where you’ll find ancient stories. The tales we tell are many of the earliest Welsh legends which celebrate the coming of Arthur, a King with extraordinary powers who defeated the Saxons and brought peace to our Islands.

Whilst underground you will hear legends of dragons foretelling Celtic glory, stories of giants, one was so colossal he waded across the Irish Sea and the story of The Battle of Camlan, King Arthur’s final battle.  All brought to life through dramatic scenes, light and sound. 

King Arthur’s Labyrinth is a real adventure for young and old, whatever the weather above ground – a cool attraction when hot, a dry attraction when wet. 

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King Arthur's Labyrinth

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